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Wellness, InX

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  • ​​​In business since 2012
  • Serving Clinton, Eaton & Ingham Counties
  • Multiple pathways of recovery 
    • We are recoveries ourselves
    • Mission: Identify, Strategize, Facilitate & Change
    • Work: 
  1. Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment  in the hospital Emergency Dept.
  2. 1 on 1 Planning Sessions w/a Recovery Coach
  3. Peer Facilitated Recovery Groups
  4. Educational & Planning
  5. Training the next generation of professionals

Wellness InX:  Changing Lives Together on the Road to Recovery!

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At Wellness, InX, we believe that there are multiple pathways to recovery from addiction. PDIR follows a peer facilitated approach that allows individuals to explore their own path of recovery. If an individual is in need of a more structured recovery process, Wellness, Inx. will be happy to provide more suitable options.

Changing lives together on the road of recovery


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