Wellness, InX utilizes the CCAR Peer Recovery Coach method, MPI Peer Facilitator Training and MAAEZ (Making AA Easy) models. We believe that through one recovering person helping another, there is hope and help to stay sober and clean.

     PRSS is designed to fit integrally into the broader model of recovery oriented systems of care (ROSC), which defines substance dependence as a chronic relapsing disorder, requiring ongoing supports.

     We believe in client strength based, action oriented, treatment plans. Together we assist the client develop specific goals to meet the clients' needs, identify their assets, and develop a suggested course of action and referral services needed to remove barriers that may prevent the client from achieving those goals.

     "The strengths perspective is based on the belief that individuals possess abilities and inner resources that allow them to cope effectively with the challenges of living (Brun & Rapp, 2001)."

     Wellness, InX (WINX) services are rooted in a Strengths Based model of Community Case Management (Brun & Rapp, 2001; Etzel-Wise & Howley, 2006, Strathdee, Ricketts et al, 2006; Rapp, 2009

     WINX case managers focus on the participants desire for their life and works along side of them to create a plan to capitalize on their strenths while limiting the barriers that hold them back from success.

Peer Recovery Support Services

Strength-Based Case Management

     Wellness, InX seeks opportunities to participate in advocacy initiatives in the community. Wellness, InX is an active supporter of Families Against Narcotics (FAN), Touchstone Recovery Homes, Endeavor Recovery House, Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (ISAP), and the Greater Lansing Homeless Resolution Network (GLHRN), Advent House Ministries, Mason Area Prescription Drug Prevention Task Force.

Assessment & Evaluation

Programs & Services

Wellness, InX

     This is an individualized, reflective process. Through the use of self-administered screeners and an interviewer led assessment, Wellness, InX helps our clients understand how their historic pattern of substance use has led them to their current level of risk.

Community Outreach